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Session 1 JAVA Concepts OOPs Concepts, Exception handling, Functions, class, looping in java
Session 2 Introduction to Android History of Android and Android Versions, API Levels  and Devices,   Installation & configuration  of Android Development Tools
Session 3 Application Structure (In Detail)

Android application framework, Security Sand box, Sharing Content between to apps, Building Your First App, Supporting Different Devices, Interacting with other Apps

Session 4 Android Application Development, Emulator-AVD Developing, debugging your first Application Launching emulator-Android virtual Device ,Introduction to DDMS, Functions of DDMS, Logcat
Session 5 Introduction to IDE Project Folder Structure, Resources in Android Project, Understanding Project Configuration file
Session 6 Application Building Blocks Activities, Services, Content Providers, Broadcast receivers, Activity Life Cycle, Service Working, Service Life Cycle
Session 7 Working with Intents Introduction to Intent, Working with Intents, Explicit Intent, Implicit Intent
Session 8 Application Design considerations Screen size, Screen density, Orientation, Resolution, Density-independent pixel (dp)
Session 9-10 UI Elements Views, Layouts (Frame Layout , Linear Layout ,  Table Layout, Relative Layout ,  Absolute Layout)
Session 11-12 Notifications Toast Notification, Dialogs (Alert Dialog, Progress Dialog, Date Picker Dialog, Time Picker Dialog), Status bar Notification
Session 13-14 Menus, Linkify Options Menu, Context Menu, Sub menu, Linkify Examples: Web URLs, Email address, text, map address, phone numbers
Session 15-17 Adapters and Widgets Array Adapters , Base Adapters, List View
Session 18-20 Threads Threads running on UI thread(runOnUiThread), Worker thread, Handlers, Runnable, AsynTask
Session 21-25 Data Storage Shared Preferences, Internal Storage, External Storage, SQLLite
Session 26-30 Networking Bluetooth , Working with WebView, Consume Webservice (soap)
Session 31-33 Publish & Monetize App How to Publish App on Google Play Store, How to put Ad mob (ads) in app
Session 34-36 Projects  
Total Training Hrs  36
Batches Weekdays (Morn/Even)
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Get 100% Job Guarantee

Call Us: Vidhya Pawar - 9594373621


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